Fad No.1 – The 6 Week Six Pack Challenge!!

What its all about

What does every red blooded, action movie lovin’ male want? That’s right, wash board abs!! Easier said than done. Any topless male model that has abs that resemble the alps more than a belly will tell you that hard work, dedication and self sacrifice is what’s required to attain the pinnacle of manliness.

So the question is, how do we get a 6 pack with the smallest amount of effort and in the shortest amount of time??


This is the way things are going to work around here!

I will follow the fad plan for its entire duration blogging my progress as I go. Be ready to read EXACTLY how I feel about the fad, there’s no holding back up in here. If I look like Arnie in Terminator but feel like Arnie in Junior you guys are going to hear all about it!

Arnie feeling....emotional

Finally I’m going to review the fad on a scale of 1- 10!

1 being Sh#te and 10 being Ronseal (does exactly what it says on the tin)

Anybody who wants the follow the fad along with me and have their results posted can contact me and I’ll include them in the Hall of Fame on review week.

The Facts

So lets cut to the chase! The first fad to be tackled is the grueling 6 Week 6 Pack challenge! And just to add a bit of spice for our inaugural Fad – I’m going to throw in the 6 Weeks to get 25 Pull ups Challenge too!

At the end of 6 weeks you may have a 6 pack if you oil yourself up and take a picture when the light is hitting you just right. But there’s no amount of oil that’s going to help you do 25 consistent, fully extended pull ups. Nothing but sweat and hard work.

As part of the U.S. Marines fitness test you are required to do 20 pull ups. SO if you can do 25 – then Semper Fi my friend you are one tough hombre.

Without further ado, here is the criteria for our FADS:

Following the 6 Pack Challenge that 98FM posted on their site  I will be following a strict nutrition program as well as working out as much as I can in the gym! Check out the details of the diet and workout programs here.

For the 25 Pull up challenge program clink on the link below


I say do as much as I can in the gym as like any normal guy I’ve got other things on my plate (no pun intended)  as well as being partial to a beer or too. Remember, this is the blog for NORMAL people attempting fads,  a level of laziness is expected and encouraged.

No blog about fitness would be complete without a before and after photo, ill include this in week 8! I have to have one last blowout before the 6 weeks of torture.

Come along for the ride!

Always bragging to girls about what you can do in the gym but feel that they don’t really appreciate how impressive it really is? Here is your chance. Become a legend in your own time. Follow the fad and send your results in to be posted up here in week 8.

Video proof of the 25 pull ups will be required,  we know what your like, your word means nothing!!

So good luck everybody, let the games begin, and with a bit of luck we’ll look like these guys at the end of all this!

Semper Fi


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