6 Week 6 Pack challenge – Week 1 in Review

The talking is over……..say goodbye to binge drinking, midnight fast food feasts and the golden carbs that we know are killing us slowly and deliciously!!

The challenge has begun, and so far it has been brutal! Following a Halloween weekend full of sweets, booze and a hefty intake of calories, followed up by two days of naughtiness for DCU Graduation, the challenge is underway. My body has been craving junk food for the past few days, one of the many side effects of alcohol….along with severe tiredness and a healthy dose of shame. But regardless of my fragility at the moment I am here to report back on Week 1 of the 6 Pack challenge. SO lets get to it!

Week 1- A new me…..Sort of!

Years ago I remember picking up a Men’s Health Magazine and reading their claim that it only takes 2 weeks of doing something for it to become routine. While I believe this to be true as I feel that it has worked that way for me while adopting other workout regimes, what’s missing from the article is how much work, both physically and mentally, it takes to get through the first 2 weeks of a new regime. I’d consider myself to be fairly active to begin with but this week took its toll on me and saw me curled up in the fetal position more times than I’d care to admit. In my opinion the hardest part of any regime is eating clean and sticking to your new diet. Sometimes that cheese burger is worth being a gelatinous chubby choom choom for a day or two. You’re resistance to artery clogging goodness will be at an all time low during your first two weeks, so try to be strong and if you cheat, cheat nice!

Sometimes you've just gotta give in

Monday – Friday, My Week in words

While the weekend portion of the challenge this week was spent drinking light beer instead of dirty beer, mid week was the scene of some serious diet and exercise. My plan going forward is to do at least 3 hard cardio sessions a week, 3 weight sessions and 3 core/ab exercise session per week. I hit my targets this week for all of the above. On Monday I did a full chest session followed by an abs session, tuesday saw 2 hours of fitness training for soccer which is made up mainly of interval and sprint training. Wednesday saw shoulders session and more core with Thursday having the same cardio session as Tuesday. Friday was Back and Arms day in the Gym followed by yet more ab work. Saturday was a rest day followed by a Soccer match on Sunday.

In terms of diet, this week started of slow but ended pretty well. Breakfast each day consisted of 3 eggs with 2 slices of brown bread and a bowl of Muesli. Lunch progressed from having rolls and wraps on Monday and Tuesday to having chicken or fish with veg or a salad. Pre training snacks consisted of a portion of carbs such as sweet potatoes or rice with some white meat, usually fish, with dinner…as it is served late, consisting of meat and veg. Snacking between meals was prohibited, only fruit and nuts allowed to fill the void.


This week proved to be extremely tough. Trying to drag my aching body around Soccer training on Thursday was not a pretty sight, especially when push-ups where the penalty for not running fast enough. While I didn’t miss eating junk food as much as I thought I would, I especially enjoyed not feeling bloated after lunch. However, a lot of preparation is involved in preparing meals as it is nearly impossible to eat healthy on the go, especially in DCU.  Three sessions of pull ups were also completed this week which made the weights session even harder.

1 week down, 5 to go, and I cannot wait until the end of Week 2 where hopefully this will all start to feel routine. At the moment it feels like I’ve gone 15 rounds with Joe Fraizer (RIP big man).

In what will be a recurring feature here is a photo of me at the end of week 1, be kind and yes ladies that hair is all natural.

Until next week, before you eat, ask….what would Jamie Oliver do.

Holy nipples Batman


5 responses to “6 Week 6 Pack challenge – Week 1 in Review

  1. Yea the first week for me was a no go , think i’ll be starting a week late! Weights and Abs and cardio ….. you go hard man ! I’ll blog about my POA after my first training session … The diet thing is tough as hell!!

    You taking any supplements?

    • Awh stop, Grad just came along and destroyed my buzz but back on the bad boy now! Takin Whey protein after training, pretty generic stuff though, whatever is on special in Holland and Barrett at the time! Damn being a poor student! I’ll defo give you a shout out in my next blog !

  2. Inspirational stuff sir Don you’ll be gratin cheese on those abs soon. After convincing me to do a two hour plank on a swiss ball! On a serious note it does become routine where you forget about all the terribly delicous calories you want to devour and start to feel good about your new “lifestyle change”.

  3. Haha, it would be great if I was cutting diamonds with these abs by the end of this but I dunno if I have the genetics for it. But feeling good, feeling energetic and it’s only going to get better!

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