Week 2 in Review

It’s time for another blog post which means it’s time to review another week in the life of an average man trying to get a 6 pack!

This week in words

First of all I’d like to thank the Irish Football team for the unholy piss-up that followed their qualification for the European Championships…cheers lads, did wonders for the 6 Pack!

I’d also like to thank Tom Hardy’s ridiculously ripped performance in “The Fighter” for keeping me motivated through this difficult week of training.

So let’s get into the nitty gritty. This week saw a very tired Don drag himself through the week trying to balance college with a 6 Pack challenge. The weights session suffered dropping from 3 sessions to 1.

I only managed to squeeze my chest session in this week. I really thought that going to the gym at 9 o’ clock would see me waltz into an empty gym, be able to pick and choose my weights with ease, and expel and mid-workout gas that built up and train in luxury. Instead I was greeted by 20 sweaty body’s vying for 4 benches and a very limited number of weights. Not ideal to say the least.

A change in strategy is on the cards for future weeks to avoid situations like this.


Cardio this week saw a similar decline due to bad weather conditions. With only one intense interval training session I do feel that this week has been a step back rather than a step forward. Last week I discussed how things become routine and easier after two weeks. While this week was definitely easier I have a feeling that next weeks’ session will hit me with a vengeance after taking it relatively easy this week. Stay tuned for week 3 in Review to find out.

The diet this week consisted of much of the same as last week! I had salads for lunch, white meat for dinner and carbs before training. I also had plenty of nuts for snacks, with bananas and apples to keep things interesting. This week I introduced protein bars into my post workout world. The results have not yet been felt but I’m sure that in the coming weeks it’ll all pay off.


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