Week 3 in Review

With college work load hitting an all time high has had surprising results in terms of this challenge!

Friday nights that are usually full of booze and fast food have been replaced with writing reports, reading academic journals and just being an all round cool library dwelling guy! But while I’m missing out on the banter, my health and fitness are improving because of it.

It’s a great feeling to be able to play a match on a Sunday morning without having the evidence of two nights previous leaking through my pores. Funnily enough since I’ve cut down on the binge drinking I’ve been able to train harder and recover faster. Who would have thought that alcohol had such an adverse affect on both my appearance and physical performance along with the regular dose of shame the next morning.

Another great thing about this imposed ban on drink is the amount of money I’m saving! An average night on the town would cost me between €60 – €80, waking up with nothing to show for it except a sore head and half remembering meeting Ray Houghton for a 4am Burger King…sometimes meeting your heroes turns out to be exactly what you want it to be.

He put the ball in the English net.....and loves an XL Bacon Double Cheeseburger

This comes just in time for me as I plan my route to Poland for next years Euro Championships! It’s safe to say that I definitely will not have a 6 Pack after 2 weeks of intensely “supporting” the Irish lads as they take on the World Champions  Spain, along with the Italy. These two are not bad at footy to say the least, but we’re always good for an upset or two.

Campiones! Campiones! OLE! OLE! OLE!

In terms of my workouts for the week, I was still limited to 1 weights session while soccer training took a turn for the better. Adding half an hour of circuit training to the mix which incorporates a lot of core crunches is just what the doctor ordered as I hit the half way point of the challenge. This coupled withe the discovery of the salad bar in the DCU cafeteria has seen the struggle to find a cheap and healthy lunch on campus turn into an even greater struggle, spicy chicken or plain chicken??

At they halfway point I’m feeling good. I’ve tons of energy, feel bright rather than lethargic after lunch and feel as fit as I ever have! I’m looking forward to what the next 3 weeks have in store as I build on what I’ve achieved already, pushing myself further than I ever have before! I’m finally starting to understand what Arnold’s been on about all these years……


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